Shoes are the one item in your wardrobe that you can always count on to make you feel fabulous. But despite their devotion, we often don’t treat our shoes as well as we should when they’re off our feet, whether it's chucking those precious heels into a plastic bag on our way to an event or shoving them under our desk at work. 

And so we created LaBrogathe bag for women who love their shoes

The LaBroga shoe bag is a bag specifically designed to transport your most treasured shoes so you can travel comfortably in your practical footwear and switch easily into your fancier kicks upon arrival, wherever your destination may be. 

The bag is inspired by vintage shoe bags from the 40s and 50s, when women would transport their shoes in special shoe bags during inclement weather. The bags were often a simple pouch design, made of silk or vinyl. 

We re-designed the shoe bag for the professional and fashion-forward modern woman with your shoe’s best interests at heart. 

The bag features all kinds of shoe-friendly elements including: a scratch-less nylon zipper to ensure that zippers do not scratch your shoes when placing into and removing from the bag; an interior lining is made with the latest in water-repellent fabric technology so any dirt, sweat, and grime can be easily wiped down to keep shoes in pristine condition; and finally an interior flap is designed to prevent your shoes from rubbing against each other and scratching.

Not only is the LaBroga shoe bag designed to protect your shoes, but it is also designed to make you look your best -- the shoe bag’s simple design and premium leather exterior guarantees versatility with outfits for any occasion.  Whether you are off to an event or just heading to work, your LaBroga shoe bag will ensure that you and your shoes arrive looking your best.




LaBroga was created and designed by Lisa Orr. Inspired by her own collection of vintage shoe bags, Lisa saw an opportunity to create a unique and luxurious bag for women who love their shoes. She embarked on the project, while running her etiquette and protocol consulting business, after completing her MBA at the Smith School of Business at Queen's University in January 2016.